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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Blair Holding Firm
by Bonjo
"It's important, however, that those engaged in terrorism realize that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism on the world.

"Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilized nations throughout the world...

"We shall prevail and they shall not." - Tony Blair, July 7, 2005

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To everyone in London and the UK - our prayers and thougths go out to you.

If "The Secret Organization of Al Quaeda in Europe" thought this would sway our determination to keep fighting against terrorism, they are sadly mistaken. If anything, it has increased our resolve to do so.

As public opinion in favor of the war on terror has declined over the last few months, I hope this will remind everyone of the challenges we all face, especially those brave men and women on the front lines. It's unfortunate that we have to wait for something like this to remember...
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