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Friday, July 08, 2005
Churchill vs. Chamberlin
by Cordeiro
Yesterday's terrorist attacks in London set a renewed stage for the debate in how to respond to these acts perpetrated by murdering islamofascist thugs. When the smoke clears, the two sides boil down to two distinct philosophies.

First you have the Neville "Peace In Our Time" Chamberlin philosophy. For those of you who slept through High School history, pay attention this time. Chamberlin was Prime Minister of England in the years leading up to World War II. Believing he could save the world from war, he flew to Hitler's Germany to negotiate (appease) a murdering thug. Diplomacy, in Chamberlin's mind, would win over the bayonet. The only picture most anyone sees of Chamberlin is him standing on the tarmac in London, waving a piece of paper and declaring there would be "Peace In Our Time".

Millions of innocent lives later, he was proven wrong.

On the other side, you have the Winston "Never Give Up, Never Surrender" Churchill. Churchill's philosophy, and what he is remembered most for, was to fight the enemy wherever there was an enemy to fight. Churchill's leadership in time of war, along with a good helping of British blood, sweat, and tears is the reason why most of Europe does not speak German today.

In the coming days much will be heard from Sir Robin's Run Away Chorus. You will hear them whine "See, we told you this would happen. You shouldn't have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan. It only makes them angry. When they get angry, they attack. If we just leave them alone, they'll go away and we can sip our lattes in peace."

You may think I'm being sarcastic. I wish I was. As proof of this absurd argument, I cite the infamous Prisoner (of what I'm still not quite sure) - a frequent commenter here at the SOTR:

Let me end with this: the feud must end. As history has proven, there are only two ways to end one. Destroy the enemy or come to an agreement that both sides can accept. Neither Al Queda and associated Muslim fundamentals nor America and its coalition partners seem willing to build any kind of peace. Both sides claim there is no negotiating with the other. The barbed-wire has been laid out and any side that steps into no-man's land will breathe their last.
So, thus New York, Madrid and London are only the beginning. That is if we ignore Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's resolve in evacuating the Gaza Strip. It can't be easy, though many claim the way of peace is that of a coward or traitor. But there needs to be more world leaders who are willing to take the harder path of peace rather than the slow descent into war.
While he makes some valid points, his thought process ends up at the wrong destination. You cannot make peace with a murdering ideology bent on the destruction of your civilization. Islamofascist terrorists are not interested in negotiating a settlement. They hate the United States specifically and western ideology in general.

The Islamofascist Thugs have been waging this war for nearly 30 years. They saw Carter's inept handling of the Iran Hostage Crisis, Reagan's withdrawal of the Marines from Lebanon, Clinton's retreat from Somalia, his failure to respond to the USS Cole bombing and the two embassy attacks as American weakness. Their largest attack took place on American soil, but they've followed up in Bali and now in London. This is a war of ideology, not of territory or conquest.

Peace will not occur until victory is won. This victory will be won by the destruction of the enemy, his will to fight, and those who sustain him. It must be fought ruthlessly wherever the enemy may be found. Peace will not be negotiated. You don't negotiate with people who fly planes into buildings, bomb subways, and decapitate hostages with dull butcher knives. You shoot, bomb, eviscerate, incinerate or otherwise kill them. Period. That, dear Prisoner, is the path to peace.

Personally, I believe the Islamofascist terrorist thugs have done little more than embolden the resolve of the United States and the United Kingdom to win the Global War on Terror. History often repeats itself, and Churchill beats Chamberlin every time.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Thanks for the link! I still disagree with you, but I can't argue the Chamberlin example.

If we can get any fundie Islamic group to lay down the weapons and prove their good will, I think it might be worth negotiation, but until then only the civilians on both sides can affect the radical groups both in Washington and in Afghanistan (??).

I don't think Iraqi Death Squads will do much to help our cause, though Special Forces might.
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