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Monday, July 18, 2005
Detroit Imam's Hypocrisy
by Cordeiro
In my perusal of the RealClearPolitics commentary blog today, I came across a piece written by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, a muslim Imam in Detroit. The title of his article is It's time to eliminate causes of terror. I read the article, hoping that, for the first time in my memory, an Imam would finally denounce terrorism as a weapon of war. I was hoping he would state, for the record, terrorism is wrong - no matter what the venue or target.

To his limited credit, he did start off that way. That said, it only took him eight short paragraphs to pin the blame for terrorists and terrorism on W and Rummy.

I quote from his statement:

We still grieve the murder of Imam Ali in 661 A.D. while he was doing his morning prayer in Kufa, Iraq. Ali, the Prophet Mohammed's cousin, son-in-law and closest disciple, the first man to ever declare his faith in Islam, was killed by a religious extremist as an infidel.
I'm sorry for your loss - of one man - (in 661), Imam. Myself, I'm still grieving for the 3,000 countrymen lost (in 2001) to the murdering hands of someone who professed membership in your religion.

We, the imams of the Michigan mosques, gathered in Dearborn last week to condemn the recent crime in London and to announce anything harmful to human society is forbidden in Islam. We want everybody to know that al-Qaida is not a spokesman for the 1.2 billion peace-loving Muslims of the world.
Well, Imam, in case you haven't noticed, the loudest voices coming from the Muslim world are not those proclaiming peace and co-existence. The silence coming from the Middle Eastern Imams on the use of terrorism is deafening. While I appreciate you taking the time to write a 546 word essay in a Tier 2 newspaper that few people will ever see, I do not think I am alone when I state it is not enough and is far, far too late.

We are sick and tired of being called kafirs (infidels) by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and "us" and "them" by some of our Christian neighbors, while in Europe our mosques and innocent communities have become the targets of a blind backlash.
Imam, we are sick and tired of people claiming your ideology blowing themselves up and killing innocents. Here's a question for you. Where do you believe the London assassins were indoctrinated into an ideology that compelled them to kill so many of their fellow Londoners? While it may have come from family, and some of them may have visited Muslim countries, I have no doubt the seed of hate and destruction was planted and nourished in a London mosque.Where is your denunciation of that practice, Imam? Where is it?

As long as Jews can immigrate to Israel by the tens of thousands each year while Palestinians stay hungry and homeless, I am afraid this will contribute to the violence in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Finally, at the very tail end of your piece, when most everyone else has written you off as non-sensical, you get to the underlying cause of your hatred. Israel. Jews. Palestine. Tell me, Imam, where is the compassion of Islam toward your Palestinian brethren. Why is it, with all the wealth flowing in your Muslim nations, that no homeland or refuge has been established for this impoverished people? These people are starving and homeless because as long as they are kept in such a manner, you have a pulpit from which to spew your vile hatred.

You label W as the "best terrorist recruiting sergeant" al-Qaida ever had. You blame Rummy for inciting Islamic extremism with "some unthoughtful words and irresponsible statements", yet you say (and most likely do) nothing about the extremism that is most likely being taught and propagated in your own mosque. You do nothing to prevent the use of your mosques and religion as recruiting places and tools by which al-Qaida launches its attacks.

Imam, you had an opportunity to do some good and heal some rifts here. You failed in every way possible and for that I pity you.

Here endeth the lesson.
7 Comment(s):
The author reads like someone well indoctrinated with Zionist propaganda

* in Israel Advocacy Sessions at the local synagogue or at the local Jewish Community Center,

* by talk radio, or

* through premillennial dispensationalist Christian Zionist heresy.

I am somewhat sympathetic to his comment about the assassination of Ali. Most non-Serbs have difficulty in feeling any concern about the alleged defeat of Serbs by Turkish forces in 1389. Of course, the Imam could point out that the assassination of Ali is five centuries more contemporary than the alleged expulsion from Palestine in the aftermath of the Bar Kokhba Rebellion of 135 -- an event that is supposed to be so tragic that we are all supposed to feel so sympathetic to Jews that we must support Eastern European Ashkenazim when they steal Palestine from the native population in 1947-8.

In any case, it is easy to perceive the USA as an innocent victim in the attack on the WTC if one is willing to ignore the context. Americans are free to be stupid, but most of the world considers the American unwillingness to acknowledge the crimes of the USA to border on the delusional.

Americans are reinforced in their misperceptions by a media that panders the bigotries of Christian fanatics, Neocons and racist Ashkenazi Americans. If the writer is not hearing Muslim voices other that of al-Qa`ida, he should complain to Fox, CNN, the NYT, the Washington Post and other American news media that are working to whip the American population into an anti-Muslim, anti-Arab frenzy.

The foregoing notwithstanding, Americans are completely hypocritical when they demand the denunciation of terrorism on the part of Arabs, Iranians and other Muslims. What does the author think collateral damage is if not terrorism? I have watched IDF soldiers shoot at Palestinian children for no reason except perhaps their own sadistic genocidal racist pleasure. The US has invaded Lebanon several times since WW2 and has pursued a murderous genocidal embargo against Iraq for over a decade before waging illegal aggressive war under George W. Bush. The USA undermined a democratically elected government in Iran during the 1950s to create the Shah's tyranny and has maintained for over fifty years a murderous, racist, genocidal Zionist colony populated by thieves, invaders and interlopers. If anything, the forbearance of the victims of the USA has been nothing short of miraculous. (Note that I have not even mentioned the evil which the USA has perpetrated in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia or within our own borders.) We reap what we have sown, and as long as racist traitors more loyal to Israel than to the USA dominate the formulation of US foreign policy, the situation will only worsen before it improves.

No Zionist colonizer is an innocent victim. According to Zionist ideology every Jew in stolen or occupied Palestine is a foot soldier or weapon in an extremely dirty demographic war. The only negative aspect of a Palestinian suicide attack is the death of the Palestinian partisan. Zionists are the bad guys. By allying ourselves with them, we Americans become the bad guys and should not be surprised by the hatred that the rest of the world directs toward America.

By claiming to support democracy, antiracism and human rights while we maintain a Zionist Jewish-supremacist colony based

* on the antidemocratic idea that Jews outside of Palestine may claim the country as theirs despite the democratic wishes of the people that live there and

* on the racist idea that the historic, national, ethnic rights of Jews to Palestine are superior to the human rights of the native population,

we have become complete hypocrites to the rest of the world.

Combatting extremism must start right here in the USA. The idea that Eastern European Ashkenazim or Moroccan Jewish Arabs have the right to claim Palestine on the basis of the etymological relationship between the word "Jew" and the word "Judea" is so extreme that it verges on the psychotic. By similar reasoning the Irish would have the right to steal Rome from the residents of Rome because most Irish practice Roman Catholicism.

The author compounds psychosis with psychological denial and displacement. Why is the Palestinian population so impoverished? Is it perhaps because racist Eastern Europeans with American aid and connivance stole practically all the movable and immovable wealth of the native Palestinian population? Why are other Arabs, Iranians and other Muslims, who on the whole are much poorer than Americans, Israeli Zionist colonizers and ethnic Ashkenazim obligated to provide Palestinians with relief from the crimes that Zionist colonizers, ethnic Ashkenazim and the USA have committed? Moreover, before Zionist colonizers and the USA truly atone for their crimes

* by renouncing racism and terrorism,

* by reconveying plundered properties to their rightful owners,

* by restoring residence rights to the Palestinian population and

* by paying monetary compensation for all other damages that Palestinians and other Middle Eastern peoples have suffered as a result of Zionist crimes and criminal American policies,

why would anyone sane believe that the charity of other Arabs, Iranians and other Muslims would help Palestinians for anything more than a short temporary period until Zionists and the USA resume committing atrocities.

Zionism and evil American foreign policy are the main causes of anti-American terrorism related to the Middle East. Without a doubt American hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of individual Americans contribute to worsening the situation.
I would go and refute Joachim's diatribe point by point, but I'm pretty sure both myself and my readers have better things to do.

For some reason, developing a hybrid strain of corn comes to mind.

Joachim's stunning disregard for life, civilization, and civility have convinced me to let his comment stand.

I do this in obidience to the Rule of Ropes. When your enemy is in the process of hanging himself, give him all the rope he needs.
I guess Cordeiro has no problem that"racist traitors more loyal to Israel than to the USA dominate the formulation of US foreign policy."

If Cordeiro is a patriotic right-wing supporter of the USA, the USA is in serious trouble, and his right-wing is not the right-wing of which I have been a member for the last 50 years.

One of the few standards we have here at the SOTR regarding comments is this:

You must make a vailiant attempt to make sense.

You have very successfully failed in that attempt. Please try a bit harder next time.
The point is trivial.

The people in the Bush administration with the most input into foreign policy include Wolfowitz, Perl, Feith, Wurmser, Pipes and other Zionist ethnic Ashkenazi Americans. Bush has openly admitted to the influence of Shcharanski.

All of these folk care more about Israel than about the USA. None of them have ever shown much understanding of fundamental American principles.

I have known a lot of them during my academic career. I remember a conversation with Bill Kristol about 30 years ago. It included choice tidbits like "Don't worry if Israeli and US interests aren't congruent, we will make them" and "the US right-wing is so stupid that manipulating it is trivial, just throw in a few phrases like 'carry out the mission', 'stay the course', 'the character of America', 'God and Country.'"

I thought he was wrong, but I was. The US government today is more penetrated by traitors than it was by communists and fellow travelers during the 40s, and most of the right-wing behaves like pet dogs wagging their tails and doing tricks at their masters command.

But go ahead show me you logic.

Explain to me how it makes sense pragmatically, ideologically or ethically from a patriotic American standpoint to enrage 1.2 billion or so Muslims by maintaining a racist Zionist colony in the ME and by making aggressive war against an Arab country that was no threat to us. I understand why current US foreign policy makes sense to racist anti-Arab anti-Muslim traitors more loyal to Israel than to the USA.
No, sir. Your point is trivial.

I have neither the time nor the desire to refute your arguments detail by mind numbing detail. You're an academic - I'll leave the relentless pursuit of Islamofascist justifications for cold blooded murder in your all too capable hands.

While engaged in that pursuit, you might want to question why the extremist Islamofascists would want to enrage 290 million Americans - a people who have on more than one ocassion proven their ablility to wage total war and win victory at any cost.

These are the last words and keystokes I will waste in this dialog. Either come up with a better argument or find somewhere else to vent your spleen.

Here endeth the lesson.
I have not been an academic since 1986. For the past 10 years, I have been a US military subcontractor, and I do a lot of business in the Middle East.

I object to turning our patriotic American soldiers into cannon fodder to serve the machinations and interests of Zionist colonizers and traitorous ethnic Ashkenazi Americans.

Zionist colonizers and traitorous ethnic Ashkenazi Americans believe that they will be able to keep what they stole from Palestinians if they can create a never-ending series of wars between Americans and Arabs to waste American lives and wealths.

A true patriot would identify the real enemy -- Zionist colonizers and traitorous ethnic Ashkenazi Americans.

I have to ask why Cordeiro is so anxious to serve Zionist colonizers and traitorous ethnic Ashkenazi Americans and why he is so happy to waste American lives and wealth.
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