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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Does Judge Roberts wear secret, multi-lensed glasses?
by Bonjo
The title of this post makes reference to the recent film, "National Treasure". During a worldwide treasure hunt, the characters end up stealing the Declaration of Independence in order to obtain "hidden clues" regarding the whereabouts of an invaluable treasure.

In one scene, the Declaration is squirted with lemon juice while simultaneously being blasted with a hair dryer. A hidden message appears. In another scene, the characters don an antique pair of colored, multi-lensed glasses, and are thus able to read a message otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

This kind of fantasy is all fine and well for a fictional movie plot. However, when it comes to interpreting the Constitution of the United States of America, we don't need someone who "sees what others can't see".

To my knowledge, there are no hidden messages in the Constitution of the United States of America. Yet, many SCOTUS justices, both past and present, seem to be able to "see" hidden messages in the Constitution not apparent to anyone else. I'm not sure if they are wearing funny x-ray glasses, if they've had too much to drink at lunch, or if they are simply too blinded by partisan ideals to clearly interpret the Law of the Land.

I simply hope that President Bush has thoroughly examined Justice Roberts' spectacles, for the Constitution is our true national treasure.

With that I return to my adventures in capitalism.

SCOTUS UPDATE 1: Vacationing SOTR Honorary Legal Counsel "The Hedgehog" has prescribed a prerequisite reading assignment for the upcoming confirmation hearings.

SCOTUS UPDATE 2: The law blog of Goldstein and Howe has a selection of Judge Roberts' judicial record (hat tip to Sasha at Conservative Response).
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