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Thursday, July 14, 2005
The Joe Wilson Show Starring Chuck Schumer
by Cordeiro
Joe Wilson made a very important decision today. He chose to stand beside the Junior Senator from the State of New York, Chuck Schumer, at a press conference to be held this afternoon.

Why is this an important decision? Most of Washington knows standing between Schumer and a microphone could be a health risk.

Wilson is doing his best to extend his 15 minutes of fame, which has already been up for some time. His one claim to fame - that he was sent to Niger on an errand from Big Time, has been so thoroughly discredited the only people paying attention to it work for the MSM.

In this press conference, Wilson, and no doubt Schumer, will call on W to fire Karl Rove, have him drawn, quartered, and dragged through the streets of Washington and his head placed on a pike to be raised above the DNC headquarters.

Maybe I exaggerate a tad.

Memo to Joe: Your 15 minutes are up. Pound Sand.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Well, your assessment of how the press conference would go was right on - Wilson did call for W to fire Rove - not sure this was worthy of all the press coverage or not. Regardless, it makes me wonder what Wilson's agenda is and the degree that the MSM will give him a few minutes more. It got interesting when Pelosi voiced her opinion as well (she can't be outdone you know.) Certainly gives Bloggers juicy content to write about.
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