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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
MSM Outs Roberts As "Reagan Supporter"
by Cordeiro
Today's Washington Post prints a stunning revelation about W's SCOTUS nominee, John G. Roberts, Jr.

While working in the White House during the early years of the Ronaldus Magnus Administration (that's Reagan for those of you unfamiliar with my nicknames) Roberts was a "significant backstage player". He stated his opinions strongly and forcefully, often running up against the conventional wisdom proffered by older colleagues.

I'm waiting for the terms "arrogant" and "abrasive" to be applied to Roberts. I don't think I'll have to wait too long. Perhaps the MSM is still sitting in stunned disbelief after learning that, while working for Reagan, Roberts actually did his job by working to further the goals of the Reagan Administration.

Stunning the MSM is not exceptionally difficult.

I won't go into detail on the information gleaned from some 75,000 pages of material released from the White House archives. I have no doubt MSM reporters are wasting time doing that right now.

I will but share one quote that gives Judge Roberts my instant admiration. When commenting on a colleague's interpretation on the constitutionality of certain pieces of legislation where the colleague (a supervisor) mentioned that opposing said legislation would "be perceived as a courageous and highly principled position, especially in the press" Roberts replied:

Real courage would be to read the Constitution as it should be read...
Why is this considered to be such a surprising statement? Is it possible Judge Roberts doesn't look at the Constitution as an ever changing, malleable document? Does he believe the words written so many years ago actually still have meaning?

In the immortal words of Casablanca's bumbling police inspector, "I'm shocked. Shocked!"
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