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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Brother, Can You Spare A Gulfstream V?
by Cordeiro
Normally, I'm content to leave the job of detailing the slow, painful, and obvious collapse of Air America Radio in the very capable hands of Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, and Brian Mulroney. However, every so often I come across a detail that I just can't pass up writing about.

Randi Rhodes, an AAR airtime filler, feels the urgent need to visit her kindred spirits in Crawford. Yes, this is the same Randi Rhodes who came up with the brilliant idea of using the sound of gunshots to get her point across to W about Social Security. So urgent is her desire to do so she sent the following memo to her superiors (HT Radioequalizer):

From: Randi Rhodes
To: D G , G K
Sent: Sun Aug 14 12:04:19 2005

Hi D/G


There are two to three thousand people currently in Crawford!!. It started with 12 people! B estimates 90% are Randi listeners from all over the country!

Steve Earle is very popular in Crawford! I want to go and do my show live next Friday from Camp Casey. It's a hard remote but I can try to figure it out with G. I'm thinking about the details now...

D, Do you think Steve Earle would perform next Friday night or Saturday?

Also, transporation is an issue, because it will take me a whole day to travel. I don't want to miss a day on the air, and lose momentum. Flight to Dallas, on to Waco and then to Craford by car. So I was hoping that someone in the company would let me use their jet? I could take Steve with me and leave after Thursday's show.

B needs an extra cell phone asap. He's giving out his personal number to strangers.

A sleepy summer has turned into Woodstock!!

Need lot's of help now.

Love ALLways,
Seems that Randi took the same crowd counting class as Louis Farrakan. If there are 3,000 people in Crawford, 2,850 of them are reporters who really wish they had the same gig as FOX's Greta Van Sustern. You have to hand it to Randi. At least she wants to be where 90% of her audience is.

Her naivete is truly stunning. Somehow she expects a company who is trying to figure out how to repay a shady, ill advised, and quite possible illegal 875 large "loan" to come up with a private jet to shuttle her to preside over a media driven circus in central Texas.

Eventually, the fact a meeting of Randi's listeners couldn't fill the Crawford coffee shop is going to catch up with AAR - and none to soon.

Here endeth the lesson.

PS - Memo to Randi - Find an email program that checks your spelling.
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