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Monday, August 22, 2005
Bush, Sheehan, and a Salt Lake TV Station
by Bonjo
Momma Sheehan has been running ads in Salt Lake City, in advance of President Bush's visit to the state today.

One station, however, refused to run the ads citing that the content would be offensive to the residents of Salt Lake City. KTVX television recognizes the sacrifice that many Utahns have paid by serving the military in Iraq.

Utah carried President Bush by 70% last fall. KTVX understands its customer base, and has made a wise decision to stay away from the Sheehan ads. If you've ever visited Salt Lake, you may have noticed that KTVX Channel 7 is one of the hardest stations to tune in. For some reason their signal is equally poor throughout the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. KTVX's decision to not air this petty tripe from Momma Sheehan, however, is one signal that came through loud and clear.

I now return to my adventures in capitalism.
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