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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Iraq's Constitutional "Crisis"
by Cordeiro
The MSM, with a stunning lack of anything else to report except the whinings of overheated camping protestors in Texas, has also taken to decrying the delay in the final version of the Iraqi constitution.

Its been a long time since a nation had to put together a document which will then become the supreme law of that land. Many nations have tried - some have been more successful than others.

I, for one am very glad today's MSM was not around to cover the Constitutional Convention of 1787 held in Philadelphia. I wonder what they would have written about the delays during that convention. What would they have thought about the dueling plans put forth in that room so many years ago. My guess is they would have written off the fledgling nation before the ink was dry on the document by which we are governed today.

There are disagreements as to what should be included in the Iraqi constitution and what should be left out. I'm sure the debates are sometimes heated. Add the tenuous security situation to the blinding sand storms which masquerade as weather fronts, and I believe a strong case can be made to cut the Iraqi constitutional drafters a little slack.

This message is brought to you by the Iraqi Ministry of Sand. Sand. Its everywhere. Get used to it.

Here endeth the lesson.
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If this National Assembly does not have the mindset required to produce a meaningful Iraqi constitution, then it is best to dissolve and re-elect the assembly than settle for a prop. It is more important to get it right, than to get it “right now.”

As Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari noted, “We should not be hasty regarding the issues and the constitution should not be born crippled.” The constitution must be meaningful – a living, breathing document that can be a foundation for the long road towards a real democracy in a united Iraq.
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