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Monday, August 15, 2005
Newsweek Flash - Bush Not A Monster!
by Cordeiro
By way of Hedgehog and Michelle Malkin today.

Newsweek's Holly Bailey and Evan Thomas have made a stunning discovery - W has feelings. He's not an aloof frat boy unaware of the consequence of sending somebody's father, mother, son, or daughter into harm's way.

Most of the MSM (Ms. Bailey and Mr. Thomas excluded for the time being) would have you believe that W keeps himself at a comfortable distance from the families of those who have given the last full measure of devotion as a result of orders he signed.

For those of you rather dim bulbs, yes, I'm talking about Cindy Sheehan and her merry band of pacifist anti-war protesters down in Crawford.

Whether you agree with the decisions leading up to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq or not, the charge that W avoids dealing with the grieving families of the fallen hold's about as much water as the colander I use to strain spaghetti. The death of a loved one brings out raw emotion in the best of human beings. Personally, I think I'd rather be shot at than have to face the mother of a fallen soldier that I placed in harm's way. The fact that W does this time after time is a testament to his fortitude. Despite their obvious bias, the Newsweek story does eventually get this point across.

As for Mrs. Sheehan, I can say but this: If for some reason I am ever sent to do battle for this nation and my life is lost in that process, Mother Cordeiro knows better than to sully my memory by camping out in the Texas desert and heckling a man whose job is hard enough.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Whose job is harder: A man from a wealthy, privileged family sending anyone's chidren but his own to fight a war that makes him and costs us money? Or a woman whose son died for no apparently good reason, with no real sign of progress or peace promised by the instigators of war? Whose job is harder: a president with no real sense of the loss going on around him precisely because he is not a grieving parent/spouse or the grieving mother-citizen herself? Bush's prize money is material, while Cindy has irrevocably lost something irreplaceable--her child.
who's job is harder?
i was in the first gulf war, and i wish it had been different, i wish we had finished the job then.
the suffering and loss, the anger we all feel should not be blamed on the leaders we chose but on the enemys we face.
at the same time saddam h was signing the surrender of iraq he was telling the people of iraq that his military had routed the us out of iraq.
i am sorry and hope the best for cindy Sheehan, i know her son had his beliefs and stood strong. if more of us had that kind of backbone, and less whine we would not be in the situation we are in now.
i fully support what we are doing and belive it is a huge step in the direction of freedom.
Of course, Bush is not a monster! Thanks for the link; I didn't know those kinds of details in his meetings with the families.

I think Bush doesn't mean he's sorry however, at least not in apologizing for the actual death. The insurgency or friendly fire are to blame for that. I think he just means he feels sorrow for the surviving family.

I don't think this will necessarily endear him to the anti-war crowd, regardless. Bush did the same thing in Texas with his death penalty cases, but never once questioned the death penalty. I think Bush thinks of this as his "cross to bear" rather than reason to re-think his position.

He did not kill these soldiers, directly or indirectly, but his policies have put them in harm's way. In Bush world, this is as it should be, because once he's made a serious decision he won't question it no matter what the evidence may or may not be. Others might wonder how he can continue to justify his actions in the face of increasing casualties. But to Bush, this is the "cost of democracy." Even if they don't have a working constitution yet.
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