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Monday, August 22, 2005
Second Tier Mayor Gets 5 Seconds of Fame
by Bonjo
Rocky Anderson, the thick-headed mayor of Salt Lake City, and someone that I personally voted against a few years back, is seizing upon an opportunity to put himself and his liberal agenda in the national spotlight. In response to President Bush's visit to the state, Rocky has called for an anti-war protest which will undoubtedly bring out the unemployed, the unshowered and the non-deoderized of his city. We hope all 6 of them have a nice time at their protest, while President Bush receives a warm welcome from the other fine citizens of Utah. Rocky will be lauded by his small, fiercely loyal, inner-city base of Democrats, and the rest of the state will collectively yawn at their antics.

UPDATE: Anderson was booed as he addressed the VFW Convention in Salt Lake City. Who on earth invited Rocky to their convention to begin with? I'd boo that person as well.

After sounding the cry to organize the "the biggest demonstration this state has ever seen", in response to President George W. Bush's visit to the convention, an estimated 100 people are protesting near the Salt Palace Convention Center. Even if we assume that half of those people are NOT journalists and cameramen, it would appear Rocky's ever-capricious tone has fallen on deaf ears.
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