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Monday, August 15, 2005
SOTR In Search Of Spokesmodel
by Cordeiro
The SOTR finds themselves in search of Spokesmodel to support the continuing capitalistic endevors of this blog. This individual will be highlighted as the SOTR launches their logo and T-shirt program

Interested parties (preferably of the female gender) should contact the SOTR at TheSOTR AT Gmail DOT com. If you can't figure out how to translate that to email code, perhaps you shouldn't be applying in the first place.

We look forward to hearing from you.
4 Comment(s):
Gee I'd consider doing it but then what if I ever decide to do my own T's at some point in the future? ;)
Toni: We'll model the T's for your site. Of course, that might drive away traffic.

Cordeiro: There are some people that, even if they couldn't figure out the email code, would still qualify. Figuring out the email code is one portion of the assessment, much like the written part of the GMAT.
Oh pulease. So, Cordeiro you're saying I should email you at thesotr@gmail.com??? lol. Would a free T be a part of the deal? Course I'd have to actually like the T also. That's a must. :)
By all means, Toni, please do. Of course a free T would be part of the deal - its the least we could do.
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