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Monday, August 01, 2005
Weekend Re-cap
by Cordeiro
Somethings you may have accidentally missed over the weekend. Never let it be said the SOTR does not provide quality to the Blogosphere.

After taking the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro and my son Corderinho to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (all in all a pretty good flick), we went to Red Robin for dinner. On several of the TV screens in the restaurant, ESPN was playing what it called "Great American Events". Being a good American, my interest piqued. Ok, maybe that's not completely truthful. I had to wait for a table and had nothing better to do.

Remember, this is a Saturday night. One would think the main ESPN channel would be broadcasting baseball or some other sport. Nope. Much to my (and the rest of the restaurant patron's) amusement we were treated to the International Federation of Competitive Eating's US Open.

No, I am not kidding. I can't make this stuff up.

The competition was based on a three course meal made up of
* Italian Salad (served in 2 pound plates - you had to put away two of these to make it to the next round)
* Potato Skins (served on 4 pound plates - again quantity of two if you wanted to proceed)
* And finally and Appetizer tray - roughly six pounds.

To the chagrin of fat guys everywhere, the US Open was won by a skinny Asian guy.

And the corporate sponsor? I'll let you guess. You only get one guess.

OK, give up? (Or cheat by visiting the provided link?)

Alka Seltzer.

This, dear readers, was quality comic relief on television.

And, speaking of television, former Vice-President Algore (who incidentally also ran for president a few times) launched his very own Cable TV network. Having not learned anything from the flop of liberal leftist radio's Air America, Algore's network will be judged by the same standards as everybody else - whether or not it can keep the interest of anybody but those chained to the couch and forced to watch.

Something tells me the US Open of Competitive Eating will always get better ratings than will Algore.

And finally, Drudge reported last week that Helen Thomas (a White House press corps member since the Thomas Jefferson Adminsitration) told a fellow reporter:

The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself.
My first reaction to this stunning announcment was Helen Thomas is still alive? The picture on Drudge's piece calls her status as "alive" into serious question.
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