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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Dusty Harry - "Roberts' Heart Not Big Enough"
by Cordeiro
In a stunning revelation reported in today's New York Times Senate Minority Leader Dusty Harry, (D-Circus Circus Casino) declared his intention to join the likes of Scotch Kennedy and cast his vote against confirmation of SCOTUS Chief Nominee John Roberts. His reasoning for doing so is eloquently summed up with this quote:

I'm not too sure if his heart is as big as his head.
Translation: Dusty Harry would prefer emotional basketcases with the IQ of an amoeba to sit on the SCOTUS.

There has been much hemming and hawing in the MSM regarding who W should appoint to fill the seat of retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Many are calling on W to send up a "moderate" in order to appease Senate Democrats and maintain the "ideological balance" of the SCOTUS. A "moderate" would show W's willingness to compromise.

If Dusty Harry, Scotch Kennedy and like minded members of the Senate Jackass Caucus cannot find it in their collective mind to support someone like John Roberts, there can be no compromise with them. Evidently Dusty Harry has given W a list of 10 people deemed to be "objectionable" and thus eligible for Dusty Harry's only remaining weapon - the filibuster.

Memo to Dusty Harry: W sends people to the Senate to be confirmed or rejected by a simple majority vote. You have no standing to tell W who is and is not worthy of the bench. Check your Constitution. Retake High School Civics. Get a clue.

If Dusty Harry and the Jackass Caucus want to dictate the conditions under which the Senate fulfills its Constitutional "Advise & Consent" role, they should do one simple thing.

Win an election.

Here endeth the lesson.
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