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Thursday, September 22, 2005
It's a Boy!
by Bonjo
Please pardon the personal nature of this post.

Earlier today my lovely wife and I welcomed our fourth son to this world. He came in at 8lbs 1oz, just shy of 21" long. He and his mom are doing well. Last time I saw him he was sleeping (quite literally) like a log.

Our first experience with childbirth was a little over four years ago. Not much has changed in this short period of time; the equipment is basically the same, the procedures are the same, etc. I did notice one difference, however.

I had joked with Mrs. Bonjo that I expected the hospital to provide high-speed Internet access. She replied that I was (A) not on a business trip, and (B) not in a hotel. When we arrived at her room this evening, I noticed a small sign that read, "For your convenience, a high-speed Internet access port is available under the desk." Some things have changed in the last few years!

In all, it was a very long, very enjoyable, and very memorable day. Witnessing the arrival of a precious new life into this world is nothing short of miraculous. I thank the heavens above for our new arrival!

(P.S.: Many thanks to the Cordeiro's and the Senior Bonjo's for watching and feeding our other kids!)
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I'm quite certain, had you attempted a live blog of the blessed event, Mrs. Bonjo would have reached over, taken hold of your lower lip, and pulled it over your head.
Oh my - congratulations. That is so neat. Four boys, you and your wife sure have your work ahead.
Congrats! I have four kids also-three boys and a girl. My last, a boy, was born on 9/11/01 between the collapse of the two WTC buildings.

Unforgettable day for an amazing gift from God!
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