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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Katrina Exposé Exclusive: Bush Administration Concocted Epic Storm!
by Bonjo

In a stunning discovery today, Congressional Democrats and representatives from DreamOn.org announced the results of the joint-chamber congressional Hurricane Katrina Commission investigation.

"This storm was conceived, planned and born under the auspices of the Bush Administration," a haggard Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced. The chilling details of the historic storm are clear:

Senator John Kerry, the former Democratic Presidential candidate, reminded America that President Bush has a vested interest in creating oil shortages and excessive gas prices, and suggested that oil may have been the primary motive in generating the storm. He summarized with the following comments:

"And let's not forget that, as I pointed out in the 2004 debates, President Bush owns a lumber company. Who stands to make money from the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast? 'Big lumber', that's who, and they will realize record profits. That kind of money is unimaginable. Well, not to me, of course..."
The full text of the report will be available to anyone who does not currently have gainful employment and thus can afford the time to read all 2,000 pages.
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