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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Kinlow Update
by Cordeiro
This post is a update on Chauncey Kinlow, eldest son of the late Sergeant James Kinlow, United States Army. Sergeant Kinlow was killed in the line of duty recently in Iraq.

I was, and remain, extremely impressed with the way the community of Lincoln County rallied around the family of this fallen soldier. To see the outpouring of support for this family makes me proud to be an American.

The latest in this great saga occurred a few weeks ago before a scrimmage game with the Lincoln County Red Devils. Prior to the game, the entire team signed a football and presented it to Chauncey. Sergeant Kinlow is a 1988 alumni of Lincoln County High School and was also a standout football player.

To me, however, the most uplifting thing about this story is this picture:

Somewhere, a proud father is smiling.

Play hard, Chauncey. Stay low. Stay square. Keep those feet moving. Don't dance with ugly offensive lineman.

Here endeth the lesson.
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