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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Live From Jackson Square
by Cordeiro
Tonight, the President of the United States, affectionately referred to by this Blog as W, will address the nation from New Orleans' historic Jackson Square. The speech is scheduled for 9pm Eastern Time and will last for about 20 minutes. The stated focus, obviously, will be the effort to rebuild New Orleans and the other communities along the Gulf Coast that were literally blown off the map by Hurricane Katrina.

For those of you hypnotized by the MSM coverage of the hurricane, yes, there were other communities destroyed by Katrina's wrath. New Orleans just happens to be the epicenter of the MSM focus.

Yesterday, W took responsibility for the failings of the Federal Government related to Katrina relief and recovery efforts. This is as it should be. W is the head of the Federal Government. While he may not have been making every single decision related to the hurricane, he was in charge of putting the people in charge of the agencies whose responsibility it is to deal with these things. As the Chief Executive, their failings are his failings. That's what leadership is all about.

W is taking some heat from both sides for this perceived apology. From the Right he is being criticized for the appearance of caving to leftist criticism. From the Left he is taking heat because his admission of overall responsibility is not enough. For the Left it will never be enough. Even the public execution of the FEMA Director, Rummy, and Big Time Cheney would not be enough to appease their demands.

That said, W's speech from Jackson Square will most likely be cut to ribbons by the MSM and leftist politicians before the final syllable falls from his lips. This is sadly to be expected.

In a stunning admission, Louisiana Governor Blanco admitted responsibility for the state government slow and ineffective reaction to Hurricane Katrina. Her statement followed an inadvertent admission to her press secretary which was taped by network news feeds:

I really should have called for the military, I really should have started that in the first call.
As this statement was beamed around the country, she realized her goose was cooked and issued a follow up statement that was truly surprising:

The buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility.
The MSM coverage of this admission? Sorry, it must have been drowned out by those inane chirping crickets.

What are the chances we will ever see an admission of responsibility from such people as New Orleans' Mayor Nagin? Will he take responsibility for the non-implementation of the New Orleans Evacuation/Emergency Plan? Will he take responsibility for the evaporation of the New Orleans Police Department? Will he ever admit fault for not commandeering his own city's school bus fleet? Don't hold your breath. He'll continue to give nonsensical answers and rely on stalwarts like Al "Slim Shady" Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to deflect criticism.

Leadership, dear readers means standing up for your actions (or inactions as the case may be) even when the temptation to blame someone else. W knows this. Blanco is learning it. Nagin, it seems, hopes the issue will get lost in the recovery effort.

Here endeth the lesson.
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