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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Market Forces vs. Air America
by Cordeiro
In the world of talk radio, the left is constantly decrying the lack of balance in the market. Basically they don't like the success of conservative talk shows like Rush, Hannity, and Blogfather Hugh. They say that if only they were given access to the airwaves, the large, unseen, and mostly unheard left wing audience would rise up and trounce these conservatives - because of course the majority of Americans adhere to the left wing - they just don't have a voice.

The left's answer to the aforementioned three (and many others) is Air America.

So you'd think that in left coast strongholds such as Santa Cruz, California Al "Cheap Shot" Franken and his Air America crew would be making money hand over fist, as would their affiliate KOMY. Such is not the case. Brian Maloney tells the sad tale of KOMY's woes - to the point of owner Michael Zwerling's delcaration that if "it doesn't pick up soon, he's yanking the programming."

Perhaps, as Rush so eloquently advised, Mr. Zwerling should hit up the local Boys and Girls Club for an interest free loan of federal funds in order to continue broadcasting Air America's programming that nobody is listening to and fewer are actually willing to cough up cold cash to sponsor.
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