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Friday, September 02, 2005
Pull the Plug on Governor Blanco
by Bonjo
It seems every time I turn on a television or radio, I see or hear an interview with Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's governor.

This woman has come unraveled. Now I can't say I blame her--her state is struggling to deal with one of the worst natural disasters to affect the US in some time. She's under a considerable amount of stress and has probably not slept in days.

But, from my experience in watching people in the media, you pull yourself together before you face the media. You shake off the stress, you put on your best poker face, and you pull it together so you can get your message out. That's what worries me about Governor Blanco--this is pulling it together?!

She's only harming herself and her state by parading around on television as an emotional basket case, pointing fingers and heaping blame upon everyone but herself. As a citizen, in a disaster I don't care who's fault it is. I want to look at my leaders and see steadfastness and resolve. I want to hear them, and I want to feel comforted--even if they're telling me things aren't over yet.

I am not a citizen of Louisiana, and yet, I watch Governor Blanco and I am left feeling very uncomfortable. I can't imagine how I'd feel if she were my governor. I hope her handlers are paying attention; they should pull the plug on the media interviews until power is restored at Governor Blanco's neighborhood pharmacy--maybe some valium will help.

I now return to my adventures in capitalism.
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