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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
View From An Earhole - Rather Rides Again
by Cordeiro
Some people just don't know when to quit. Dan Rather, former anchor of the last place CBS Evening News, a man whose career was effectively ended by his vitriolic, hate filled, and rage driven quest to end W's re-election bid has again entered the fray to defend the story that got him canned.

Yes, Dan, you were canned. Fired. Asked to leave. You torched the house that Murrow built and Cronkite maintained. This happened to you because you ignored the first rule of holes, going so far as to order up a steam shovel to dig deeper.

NewsBuster's Matthew Sheffield has the video and transcript of a conversation between Rather and former CBS'er Marvin Kallo. The video comes from CSPAN.

In this interview, Rather declares CBS will not allow him to pursue the disproved, fraudulent, and fabricated story regarding W's Air National Guard service during the Vietnam War. Declares Dan:

CBS News doesn't want me to do that story. They wouldn't let me do that story.
Dan Rather must live in the most insulated, under exposed, and clueless world known to man. It took the Blogosphere under four hours to rip the non-scandal story to shreds suitable only for starting a campfire. The documents upon which the story was based were complete and utter fabrications, and poor ones at that.

Dan Rather stands, much like Monty Python's Black Knight after his battle with King Arthur.

You'll forgive me if I'm not afraid of Dan coming to bite my bloody kneecaps off.
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Honarary SOTR AbbaGav discusses the fact that Rather's partner-in-crime is also still digging.
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