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Friday, October 14, 2005
"Calypso" Louis Farrakhan, Alien Abductee
by Cordeiro
As I was channel surfing yesterday afternoon, I came across the Fox News Channel's broadcast of The Big Story with John Gibson. I don't normally watch news in the afternoon, but I had nothing better to do, so I caught David Asman (sitting in for Gibson) as he interviewed Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan is always good for a few laughs, but this interview is one for the record books. I won't go into Calypso Louis' diatribe simply because 90% of what he says is ludicrous. He's trying to promote his Millions More March in Washington DC. Rumor has it he wants to commemorate the 1995 (Not Quite A) Million Man March.

I digress.

I had to wait till Fox uploaded the video of the interview, and then I checked the transcript for accuracy. Having done that, I can now state for the record that Louis Farrakhan is a victim of Alien Abduction. He admitted to this fact in the interview. Here is the excerpt:

ASMAN: Right. Well, let me just ask you, I was reading a transcript of a speech you gave at the National Press Club, where you say the idea for this came about from a vision, in which you said the desire of President Reagan concerning the planning of a war involving young black men here on the soil of America, this is what inspired me to tour the country and this is what eventually led to the Million Man March on October 16, 1995. What was that vision all about?

FARRAKHAN: Well, I was in a tiny village in Teposland (ph), in Mexico on the 17th of September, 1985. And I had a vision-like experience climbing a mountain there, on the top of which is a temple to the Mexo- American Christ figure, Ketso Quato (ph).

And one of these little UFOs came over that mountain and I was signaled from a group of persons to come. And I was beamed up into that small vehicle and carried to a larger vehicle, where heard of voice of my leader and teacher, the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, saying these words to me, in early September, the president met with his joint chiefs of staff to plan a war.

He didn't tell me who the war was against or what not. But later in the next -- or early in the next year, it came to me while I was in Ghana that this war was against Libya and Libya's leader Muammar Qaddafi. So I went there and warned him of what was about to take place. And it did take place.
I have not doctored the transcript in anyway, save for the emphasis. Can someone please tell me why anyone takes this guy seriously?

Anyone? Anyone?


Here endeth the lesson.
2 Comment(s):
I believe that Louie was abducted. But he left out an important part of the experience.. After he was xported to the Mutha-ship and the Maser-alien scanned his "P" brain, they laughed so friggin hard they damn near hit an astroid. The Maser compared Louy's "P" brain to a horse's ass and kicked him out of the Mutha-ship, sent him back to his milion horse's ass followers right down in the middle of white-devil land. Oh, I'm a racist you say? No, just a realist! WAKE UP AMERICA! Time to put these polverty pimps where they belong, VIDOR, TEXAS.
Ummm, I know that I am about 5 years late for this dialog blog but i was wondering if Louis Freakkakhan can get tickets to join him on his next abduction...(hopefully one way) because I believe that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid really need to broaden their horizons and spread their Socialist strategies across not just time but SPACE!!!(Also they really sound like broken records and I am so tired of the same ol' same ol')
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