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Monday, October 17, 2005
Denial Is Not Just A River In Toledo
by Cordeiro
Over this past weekend, representatives of the National Socialist Movement (AKA Nazis) exercised their right to peaceably assemble and march through a section of Toledo, Ohio. This march was permitted by the City of Toledo and would have been a footnote to the weekend without the actions of some gang banger thugs masquerading as protestors.

For the record, I wish these boneheaded Wanna Be Nazis would go march someplace else - like Death Valley in July. I don't support their agenda and find them collectively and individually sick and repulsive. That said, they got their permits and have the right to march where they will. That's the way the system works.

The MSM would have you believe the riots associated with this march were the fault of the Wanna Be Nazis. If you don't believe me, check this search out.

The facts, which are always stubborn things, are much the contrary of MSM reports. Turns out several hundred gang banging thugs used the march as an excuse to turn part of Toledo into something resembling Los Angeles during Rodney King's 15 minutes of fame. They burned buildings. They looted businesses. You'd think you were watching New Orleans during Katrina.

The Mayor of Toledo, Jack Ford, was quick to emphasize the claim Toledo has no gang problem.

I don't know about you, but perhaps someone can come up with a more politically correct term defining four hours of mayhem, 114 arrests, and twelve injured cops.

Me, I'll stick with gang problem.

Here endeth the lesson.
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