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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Franken's "Cheap Shot" Tutorial
by Cordeiro
In his never ending quest to win friend, influence people, and sell books, Al "Cheap Shot" Franken has produced a video tutorial on how to deal with people who don't share his warped world view. The video is about 9MB, but well worth the bandwidth.

While the video was made after a comical fashion, life has a strange way of imitating art. "Cheap Shot" Franken has a long history of a bad temper and violent acts toward others. Michelle Malkin provides a detailed list along with screen shots of Franken losing his cool. My personal favorite is here. Newsbuster's David Pierre asks the obvious question - Would anyone on the right be able to produce such a video without incurring a howl of protest from the likes of Al?

If Franken doesn't like what you have to say, he's very likely to come from behind and take you out at the knees. Hence the nickname "Cheap Shot".
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There is a great Al Franken cartoon here:
Check it out.... Your going to love it !
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