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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Our Blogger Can Beat Up Their Bloggers
by Cordeiro
In the never ending attempt to literally scare up some ratings, Air America's Mike Malloy has advocated the use of violence as a reaction to Blogs for Bush's Mark Noonan. Seems that he took offense to some of Mark's musings and, instead of attempting to take him on in the realm of debate and ideas, Malloy advocated the following:

...but when they do make these sweeping uh... umm... statements about Democrats better watch out, I think they should be responded to, the way Hunter responded to Peggy Noonan's little boy here... uh just beat the crap out of them. If you can do it with the pen, fine. If you need to do it with the sword, that's ok, too... uhhh... you know it's said that the pen is mightier than the sword. alright, alright, that's fine.
Blogs for Bush has the transcript, and the audio. After listening to Malloy's twenty minute diatribe against people like Hannity, Rush, et al, I came to a conclusion.

Mike Malloy is jealous. He's so full of unmitigated rage he can hardly put two sentences together without several pauses punctuated by incomprehensible ummmmmmmms. He refers to Hannity, Rush, the right wing blogosphere, and anyone to the right of him as people who made up the "Loser Clique" in High School. We're the people who couldn't get dates, who didn't get invited to the "cool" parties, and of course weren't part of the popular crowd.

So, ladies and gentlement, let me present to you the man who thinks so highly of us on the right. The reigning, self-proclaimed Lord of Cool and Hip, a legend in his own mind, and on his own airwaves, the one, the only, Mike Malloy:

I for one, remain unafraid of Mr. Malloy coming to inflict physical harm upon my person. Actually, he urged "someone" to inflict personal injury upon Mark Noonan. Evidently Malloy lacks the courage, stamina, or in other words manhood to do so himself.

Memo to Mike Malloy: There is a definition of someone who urges others to go do his own dirty work. Those people are called cowards.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Like I said over B4B, does it take a jarhead to remind these dopers who has the guns and who knows how to use them. That applies to fists, training, balls and the rest of that. Most of these guys were getting there you-know-whats kicked back in the day anyways. well that's my testosterone blast for now. They should'nt threaten the country or it's people, I have so proudly defended.
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