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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Who Harriet Miers Isn't
by Bonjo
Pardon the poor grammar in the title of this post.

I'm growing tired of the infighting among the GOP over President Bush's latest SCOTUS nominee. The long and the short of it is as follows:

In determining Supreme Court nominees, we already made our decision. When, you say? November 2, 2004. On that day, millions of Americans pulled levers, punched chads, and touched computer screens to say, "We want President George W. Bush."

Now you might dismiss this as a simplistic view of the SCOTUS nominee process. I've already stated here that I was disappointed in Miers' nomination. However, in reflecting over the past year, one thing became fixed in my mind:

Last October 9, we didn't know who would be in the White House today. We knew that Justice Rehnquist's health was ailing. And we knew that presidential hopeful John Kerry used the SCOTUS as a scare tactic in his campaigning. For example:

CBS News, April 25, 2004: John Kerry has told supporters during campaign events that openings on the Supreme Court in coming years could jeopardize the right to abortion.

"If you need any motivation [to vote for me], let me give you three little words: the Supreme Court," he has said.
The GOP can continue to have a collective hissy fit over Miers' nomination for as long as they want, but they should recognize that Americans made our decision last November. And for that, the GOP should count their lucky stars. Before they scuttle Miers, they should consider what we could have faced if America chose Bush's opponent 11 months ago.
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