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Monday, October 10, 2005
W's SCOTUS Pick Causes PIW Syndrome
by Cordeiro
For the past few days I have been reviewing the various conservative columnists to get their take on W's nomination of Harriet Miers to take the latest vacancy on the SCOTUS.

Let me state here for the record that I admire most of these columnists. I respect their opinions and the way they go about making their points. I understand that millions more people read them than read this blog - I'm fine with that. Having said that, any interested syndicators should contact me at Cordeiro AT Gmail DOT com to discuss my career as a columnist.

I digress.

I have read George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Pat Buchannan (just to get a look at the far right reaction - I haven't been able to read Pat's column in years and this one is no different) just to name a few. Over at Hedgehog you'll find a more detailed list as to who has said what. My analysis, such as it is, boils down to this:

These columnists, and many more that I have not mentioned, spend a lot of time dissecting what happens in Washington. Millions of people read what they write. I believe sometimes they get the idea what they write has more influence than it actually does. Herein lies the danger of believing one's own press.

So, when a President goes against the conventional wisdom, it irks them. They get their Panties In A Wad, thereby suffering from the PIW Syndrome which - by all accounts - can be very painful.

When the Founders put the Constitution together and defined the process by which Federal Justices would be selected and confirmed, two entities were included. Those entities are the President (who does the selecting) and the Senate (who does the advise and consent or rejects the nominee). One should also note that the Press, although given Constitutional protections afforded no other entity, is not a part of the process. Indeed their role was not even mentioned until the Ammendments were added later.

So - if I may be so bold as to offer these esteemed columnists and pundits a little advice - Grow up. Stop Whining. Hell, the woman hasn't even gotten a hearing yet. As a citizen of the United States she deserves a respectful and dignified hearing. If she crashes and burns in that hearing, then go ahead and slam her. Pre-emptive strikes on your own team do little but embolden opponents who are doing a fantastic job of self-destruction.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Shouldn't that be P I Dubya syndrome?
I think its MDW syndrome-Matt Drudge Wannabe Syndrome.

This dissent was fueled by those bloggers trying to make a name for themselves.
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