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Friday, November 18, 2005
Friday Quick Hits
by Cordeiro
Who the hell is Stansfield Turner?
Turns out he was the CIA director (DCI) from 1977-1981. Let's review the highlights of that era.

- The Jimmy "Sir Robin" Carter Era. Yeah, that was a banner time for the United States.

- The Iran Hostage Crisis. Real effective use of the intelligence community and military there.

I don't how deep ITV had to dig to get this guy on camera, but he's way out of his league and it shows.

Saddam bribed a French UN official. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

Nancy "Bella" Pelosi comes unglued on the House floor.

That play book is getting really worn, Bella. You need some new lines. Video here.

John "Lurch" Kerry has a plan for Iraq.

This plan is no doubt filed in the same cabinet as the Lurch Plan for Social Security, the Lurch Tax Plan, and the Lurch Plan for Appeasement. Lurch always has a plan, he just never produces it for public scrutiny. Afraid of a little laughter, are we Lurch?

HT Political Teen.

Never Dare a Marine Division

From the Gertz/Scarborough Inside the Ring column comes an email from a Marine Major in Iraq detailing something the MSM refuses to publicize. Telling the story of Marine operations in areas the press delcares American forces "dare not go" he says the following:

Well, they should learn to never dare a Marine Division! Both operations were executed almost flawlessly. Most of the enemy fled upon the arrival of the Marines but a good number of them stayed to fight. Those that did quickly found out the 70 virgins they were promised for martyrdom was bravo sierra!
Well said, Marine.
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