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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
SCOTUS, Take Two
by Cordeiro
A little late in getting to this subject, but I've been busy.

W worked quickly to replace the Harriet Miers nomination with Samuel Alito. At first glance, Alito's conservative credentials are impressive - a fact not lost on the unhinged leftists.

The stage has now been set and the die cast for an actual ideological debate/battle over SCOTUS. In my humble opinion, its about damn time.

David Corn, a left leaning writer, lays out a decent strategy that could be effective in derailing Alito's nomination. The only problem is, the Senate Jackass Caucus led by Dusty Harry, Scotch Kennedy, and Babs Boxer (just to name a few) shows no sign of being civil. They show no interest in debate. They're only interested in one verb here - that being to Bork.

Bear in mind, dear reader, Alito has already been confirmed by the United States Senate - by unanimous vote - twice. I hope somebody asks Scotch Kennedy how he justifies his opposition to someone he voted to confirm - twice. Perhaps he'll plead guilty to Voting Under the Influence.

Let the games begin.

Here endeth the lesson.
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