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Monday, November 21, 2005
Who can use the term Coward?
by Cordeiro
Much has been made about the one-minute floor speech given by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) during last Friday's debate on the House floor. The MSM and the Congressional Jackass Caucus would have you believe she called Congressman John Murtha a coward.

Coward is a very strong word. I will not refer to Mr. Murtha as a coward. I have no right to do so. Mr. Murtha is a decorated combat veteran, a retired Marine Colonel. If you read this blog at all, you know of the respect I have for the United States Marine Corps.

That said, Ms. Schmidt did not call Mr. Murtha a coward. If she had, I would have been the first to criticize her right here. What she did was relay a message from Danny Bopp to Mr. Murtha. You can see the speech here, courtesy of Political Teen's non-stop video recorder. Having trouble hearing her speech over the Out Of Order Unhinged Jackass Caucus? Here's the transcript:

He asked me to send Congress a message — stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message — that cowards cut and run, Marines never do.
So, now that we know Ms. Schmidt was delivering a message for someone, just who is Danny Bopp?

When you refer to him, make sure you use his proper title: Colonel Danny Bopp, United States Marine Corps.

That, dear reader, is the only person who can call a USMC Colonel a coward. If Murtha and the other Democrats who are wailing about this issue have a problem with Colonel Bopp, perhaps they should take the issue up with him.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Republicans Calling a Decorated War Hero a Coward Devalue the Heroism of our Soldiers Currently Serving in Iraq

Even in the Orwellian world of American politics the events of recent weeks have been surreal. But despite all the arguing going on among our political leaders one thing has been constant and that is the overwhelming support among Americans for our troops in the field. Regardless of ones political affiliation or view on the conduct of the operation in Iraq, it is clear that all Americans support the troops, and all grieve equally when they are injured or die. Suggesting that only one side of the political spectrum is concerned about the well being of our troops is small-minded idiocy; clearly those who say or believe such a thing are profoundly morally handicapped.

It is clear to anybody who is paying the least bit of attention that the war in Iraq is not going well. Thus far 2094 American soldiers have died and more than 15,000 have been left permanently disabled. The war has thus far cost the average American family over $3000 and costs each family an additional $100 per week. The sole measure of success on the part of the wars supporters is that if we left now the country of Iraq would implode. Americans have rightly come to question whether this is an appropriate measure of success for a war that has cost us all so dearly.

But as the Bush Administration grows increasingly desperate they have come to adopt a strategy of questioning the patriotism of those with whom they disagree. It should be noted that 63% of Americans believe that the war is not going well, and that 57% of Americans believe that the Bush Administration misused pre-war intelligence to justify their preconceived plans of going to war. But Bush and Cheney are undeterred, grimly describing those who don’t agree with their policies as “deeply irresponsible, reprehensible and dishonest.”

Recently the Bush war marketing campaign has taken a further turn, suggesting that those who question the Administration conduct of the war undermine our soldiers in the field, that those who disagree with Bush don’t support the soldiers. Only19% of Americans support Cheney, 34% support Bush and only 40% of Americans still believe that Bush is honest. Those numbers seem to be sinking by the day as Americans are increasingly disgusted and appalled by an Administration and a Republican Congress that judges whether citizens support their own soldiers on the basis of who agrees or disagrees with the Administration war policy.

There is no doubt that we ask a great deal of our soldiers in the field, this has been the case throughout the history of our country. We have seen so many times that ordinary men are asked to perform extraordinary duties; those that go above and beyond are considered heroes and recognized by their country for their valor. Just over a week ago our country paused to reflect and remember, and to honor those who served our country in war. Veterans proudly displayed their medals, tokens of appreciation from a grateful country for their acts of bravery. Today in Iraq we have men and women performing those same duties on our behalf; some will be similarly honored.

But what message does it send to our soldiers in the field in Iraq, soldiers whom we are asking to perform extraordinary acts of bravery on our behalf, when their Commander in Chief who sent others to do his war service questions the bravery and patriotism of a soldier who earned 2 purple hearts in battle? When the Vice President (himself a recipient of 5 deferments) suggests that a much-decorated veteran who happens to disagree with him “lacks backbone?” When a Republican member of Congress suggests that that same decorated war veteran is a coward? Does it devalue the service of our soldiers in the field when they see that the Administration can so easily dismiss a war hero as a coward simply because he disagrees with them? Why should they be as committed to duty, honor and bravery as John Murtha was when they see that the Administration would piss on Murtha and his medals for their political purposes? Would the Administration do the same to them?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, just when you thought you had seen the worst of American politics, we’re treated to the spectacle of cowards like Cheney calling heroes like Murtha a coward. Orwell lives, but the last shred of decency on the part of the Bush Administration has long since passed. The Bushtanic is sinking, but as it was when Nixon went down the mood is not celebratory, it’s far more like mourning; mourning for our country, for all of us…for we brought it upon ourselves when we elected the incompetent bastard and his band of sissy-hawk warriors.

I'm sorry, was there a comment in there? I nodded off.
Phil -

Your comment courtesy is improving - slightly - which is the only reason I allowed your comment to stand. You should seriously post that comment as a blog entry.

Comment courtesy lesson of the day - if your comment is longer than the original post, hire an editor.
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