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Monday, December 19, 2005
Virginia Blog Carnival, December 19, 2005
by Bonjo
Come one, come all! Here are the entries for the December 19 Virginia Blog Carnival. Thanks to all those who participated (in loose alphabetical order):

Al's Rantings
Al of Pembroke, VA offers Crossing the Street in Blacksburg, VA.
(warning noted, thanks Al!)

Below The Beltway
Doug submitted The Price of Regulation.

Black and White
Emory of Charlottesville, VA shares memories of a Christmas gone by with Sandy Claws.

Blog From On High
Jerry submits And While We're Focusing on Hypocrisy.

I share an amazing tale of breakfast mathematics: Ripley's Amazing Fruit Loop Probability.

Duchess of Dorks
Kelly of Northern VA shares a Couple of Things, from Legend of Zelda music videos to children's book artists.

Early Riser
Early Riser discusses Unitarianism in this response to a prior post.

Ross sets a donation goal for the Virginia Literacy Fundraiser.

I'm Not Emeril
I'm not Emeril, of Collinsville, VA (emphasis duly noted) also encourages readers to Contribute to the Virginia Literacy Foundation.

New Dominion
J. Sarge delves into Richmond politics and shares his views in Rule Rewrite.

The Richmond Democrat
J.C. of Richmond offers "A Damning Article About Virgil Goode's 'Good' Buddy Randy Cunningham".

Say No to RINOs
nickfinity of Goochland, VA discusses his Favorite Day of the Year.

Adam tells the blogosphere to Get Some Standards.

Spank That Donkey
Chris of Staunton, VA shares evidence that Santa Delivers on the War on Terrorism.

Spark It Up
Kilo of Wise, VA endorses the Imagination Library project.

This carnival has shown me there are lots of good ideas flowing on Virginia blogs, and I'm looking forward to reading many of these blogs in the future. The VBC is taking a break next week, and will be back in January 2006!
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