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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Wednesday Quick Hits
by Cordeiro
US designated Spy-Free Calling Zone
Scott Ott illustrates absurdity by being absurd - sorta.

W is Hitler, just ask Kos
Somehow, the Kos Kids just can't go more than a few minutes without making the Hitler reference. (Author's note: I won't link to Kos, but LGF will)

Dusty Harry Praises PATRIOT Act Demise
What a difference a few years makes.
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This just occurred to me: what about a right-wing impeachment?

Bush may have really gone too far this time. For the first time impeachment doesn't sound like such a cracked lefty fantasy. Mainstream folks are talking about the "i" word too. And if the impeachment were left until 2007 (after Democrats take control of the House) then there would very likely be two impeachments; one for Bush and one for Cheney. This would mean that the Democratic Speaker of the House would become President in 2007 unless . . .

unless Denny Hastert decides to seize his opportunity and lead a revolt from the right! That's right, if Hastert, the current Speaker of the House, decided to act, he could be President by July 1st. If he were to step up and do away with Bush, Cheney, and Rove the reward would be his own presidency. He would then have two years to rebuild the Republican Party for 2008.

A fascinating scenario, no?
As Spock would say, 'Fascinating'. Sadly, your scenario requires more suspension of reality than most Science Fiction movies.

First, the Jackass Caucus has to take control of the House. There is no poll, not even on Kos, showing that to be even a remote possibility. With Bella Pelosi having joined the Retreat and Defeat chorus, the possibility of her being Madam Speaker is about the same as the Cubs winning the pennant.

Second - the "i" word would have to become a reality. Its only a reality in the mind of people like John Lewis. He hasn't seen the mainstream in several decades.

Third - Both the House and the Senate would have to impeach a sitting president for doing something backed by at least two decades of precedent. Yes, J.C., both Jimmy "Sir Robin" Carter and Bill "Punt" Clinton authorized the exact same thing W did. If you want to refute that, you'd better do a better job than Leaky Leahy did when he mumbled his way through a statement that basically said Democratic presidents can be trusted with power but Republicans cannot.

If you want to write a believable scenario that meets the above listed criteria, I'm sure someone in Hollywood would buy it as a screenplay idea.
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