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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Writing Under The Influence
by Cordeiro
As I pointed out last week, Scotch Kennedy penned an editorial in the Boston Globe lamenting the perceived over reach of the W Administration. Scotch went on for some thirteen paragraphs slamming everything from tax cuts to wire taps.

SOTR sources cannot confirm whether the editorial was written in a booth or right at the bar of Kennedy's preferred local tavern.

Front and center in Scotch Kennedy's sorry excuse a drunken tirade was the claim

...that a college student in Massachusetts had two government agents show up at his house because he had gone to the library and asked for the official Chinese version of Mao Tse-tung's Communist Manifesto. Following his professor's instructions to use original source material, this young man discovered that he, too, was on the government's watch list.
There's only one problem with this claim. It's a lie. Bold faced, made up, baseless, fact-less, fictional account.

So, dear reader, does the Senior Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stand up and admit his error, or at least send a sober crony out to clear the Kennedy name?

Short answer - No. But since the short answer is not good blog fodder, here's the long answer provided by Scotch Kennedy spokesbabe Laura Capps:

The senator cited "public reports" in his opinion piece. Even if the assertion was a hoax,it did not detract from Kennedy's broader point that the Bush administration has gone too far in engaging in surveillance.
The embarrassingly un-distinguished Senator has been proven to be guilty of driving under the influence, voting under the influence, and now its clear he has been writing under the influence. To quote his own words

Something is amiss here. Something doesn't make sense.
Must've been one hell of a bender, Teddy. You haven't made sense in decades.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Democratic Senators never fact check a story that fits their party line. They have been known to make up their own stories if needed.
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