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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Alito - Day 2
by Cordeiro
Some highlights from Day 2 of the Alito SCOTUS hearings.

We've learned that Scotch Kennedy has problems with Italian last names. That, or he was slurring his words when he addressed Alito as Alioto.

The Junior Senator from New York got a lesson in Constitutional Verbiage.

Slow Joe Biden got flowers from the Blogfather.

The Bloviation Analysis by AnkleBitingPundits shows these hearings to be little more than a Senate Jackass Spleen Venting Session.

Sam Alito looks like he’d rather have unmedicated dental surgery than answer the speeches masquerading as questions posed by the Senate Judiciary Jackasses. Mrs. Alito is doing her best to keep from falling off her seat in hysterical fits of uncontrolled laughter during Leahy’s diatribe.

This sure beats the normal daytime TV lineup.
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