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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Alito - The Line In The Sand
by Cordeiro
The Senate Jackass Caucus crossed a bright red line in the sand today as Day 3 of the Alito SCOTUS hearings drew to a close.

For a recap of today's speeches masquerading as questions and answer session, I invite you to check out Captain Ed, The Political Teen, and Blogs for Bush. They were there and have good analysis.

The left bent Jackasses waged a relentless attack - again homing in on Alito's membership in the Concerned Alumni for Princeton some 30 years ago. Scotch Kennedy, in a rare showing of actual thought and discernible speech, evidently had delusions of being in charge. He demanded a subpoena of writings - not Alito's, but a CAP founder. I don't much care for Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter, but he put Scotch in his place - forcibly so.

According to Drudge, Mrs. Alito - after three days of relentless Jackass attacks on her husband's character, honesty, and personality - left the Senate chamber in tears.

Now, dear reader, there are many forgivable trespasses when it comes to the political arena. I commend Judge Samuel Alito for his restraint because, in my way of thinking, making my bride, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro, cry is simply unforgivable. Those who have been guilty of this trespass have been seriously dealt with.

Scotch Kennedy, SlowJoe Biden, Babs Boxer, Leaky Leahy, and the rest of the Senate Judiciary Jackasses owe Judge and Mrs. Alito an apology. There is such a thing as civil civic discourse - but I guess that goes by the wayside when the last bastion of leftist power is at stake.

Here endeth the lesson.


To add insult (or should I say more insult) to injury the front page of USAToday has this picture - super sized and above the fold. The LA Times carries the same photo:

It's bad enough for the Senate Judiciary Jackasses to cause this woman's pain. It is quite another for the MSM to amplify it. Steer clear of dark alleys, MSM photo editors. After all, remember Alito is of Italian Ancestry.


Robin Givhan, staff writer for the Washington Post piles on the MSM Alito Bandwagon. Normally, I wouldn't give this a second look, except for the fact that Ms. Givhan is a fashion reporter for the Post.

Memo to Ms. Givhan: The fashion choices of a SCOTUS Nominee, much less those of his wife Are. Not. News.
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