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Friday, January 06, 2006
Friday Highlights
by Cordeiro
Pat Robertson

Never let it be said I am unwilling to criticize those who are (or at least claim to be) on the right end of the political spectrum. Pat Robertson yesterday alluded to the possibility that the sudden health crisis of Ariel Sharon may be Divine Retribution - in other words, God is punishing Sharon for his attempts to bring peace to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

For the record, Pat Robertson has about as much understanding of God's will as he does particle physics.

Exit stage right, Pat. Now.

Kennedy Admits Drinking Problem

No, its not an admission by Scotch Kennedy, lest I be accused of false advertising.

Drink Up

I'll have a good stiff Diet Coke, thank you.

Dems seek to delay defeat

Evidently Scotch Kennedy and the rest of the Judiciary Jackasses need a little more time to recover from the Holiday Season.

Stupid Questions, Supersonic Answers

From Blackfive, humor courtesy of your friendly neighborhood B-1 Bomber.

The Gipper Takes To The Sea

Fair winds and following seas - wishes for the Ronald Reagan Strike Group. Good luck, Godspeed, and Good Hunting.


This morning when you got up, stumbled across the room and flipped the light switch, your room was illuminated - unless you a) didn't pay the bill, or b) need to change the bulb.

Well, next time you do that, remember that a good chunk of America's electric generation comes from coal fired power plants. In order to fuel these plants, miners descend every day into the depths of the bowels of Mother Earth to bring coal out so your lights go on.

While remembering this, remember also that 12 men who chose to mine coal for a living descended into the depths of a West Virginia coal mine and did not return.

Godspeed, gentlemen.
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I actually agree with Pat Robertson, but I don't think he should have said it on television. Some personal opinions should not be shared.

I admire Sharon like I admire Reagan, but Mr. Sharon made a mistake giving in to terrorists. I still admire him and hope for his recovery.
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