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Friday, January 13, 2006
Friday Highlights
by Cordeiro
Governor (for one more day) Mark Warner (D-Va)

Two highlights for the outgoing governor:

1 - Sorry, Mark, he really was guilty as sin.

2 - As one of his last acts as Governor of the Commonwealth, Warner restored the voting rights of 3,414 convicted felons. We've got a long memory here in the Virginian Blogosphere, Mark. Add this to your huge tax increase despite running a budget surplus and you've given us several torpedoes to use on your 2008 campaign. Thanks Gov. Enjoy Williamsburg.

HT Powerline's Hindrocket.

Murtha Gets An Earful

Political Teen has the video of a town hall meeting where Congressman John Murtha is unloaded on by Sergeant Mark Seavey - recently returned from Afghanistan. Murtha ignores the veteran - completely. Very respectful, there Mr. Murtha. Well said Sergeant Seavy.

Video Link.

Maryland Legislates Health Care At The Expense Of Walmart

Reason #7,234 why I don't live in Maryland.

Here's a short lesson in Capitalistic Market Forces. If a state increases the cost of doing business, prices will rise. If prices rise, consumers look elsewhere and buy less from local stores. If the revenues of a store decrease, it is able to employ less people. Less employed people means a higher dependence on state social services.

I'll only give you one guess as to the party behind the effort to singularly tax Wal-Mart. Go figure.

Dean Barnett's Patriot Dreams

"Does anyone think they'll (the Patriots) will lose Saturday Night?"

Yeah, Dean. I do. Go Broncos!!
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