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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
by Cordeiro
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

In the aftermath of the Hamas victory in the recent Palestinian "elections", my dear friend Cinnabari poses the question which is currently dominating the field of international politics.

What do you do when terrorists are actually elected by the will of the people?

It’s a good and valid question – I’m not sure anyone has the complete answer.

The Will of the People is a very dangerous thing. The collective Mind of the People can be influenced by many things – promises, pledges, and outright bribes come to mind. The American Founders, knowing how the general population can be buffeted by the seas of popular opinion, insulated the national government from the people – for the most part. The Federal Judiciary never faces an election. The Executive Branch faces the people once every four years. Senators face the people every six years. The only part of government perpetually exposed to the will of the people is the House of Representatives – not exactly a bastion of stability.

The Palestinian people have chosen to hang (some would say quite literally) their future under the green banner of Hamas.

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear – Hamas is a bunch of Islamofascist Murdering Thugs. Their idea of a redress of grievances is strapping a hundred or so pounds of plastic explosives to an idealistic religious zealot, sending him/her into a crowded marketplace, and blowing them up with as many Israelis as possible. The suicide bomb explosives are packed with shrapnel – most of which has been coated with rat poison to ensure those wounded with the fragments bleed as much as possible.

Yeah, these are people Israel can "negotiate" with.

I understand Fatah was and is corrupt. The political choices on the ballot given to the Palestinians aren’t exactly the best opportunity for peace with anyone. That said, sending Hamas to the negotiating table is about as wise as sending a wolf to broker a deal with a colony of rabbits.

If Hamas were wise, it would renounce violence and accept the fact that Palestinians must co-exist with Israel. An unlikely outcome, as the Hamas charter specifically calls for the destruction of Israel. In the aftermath of their electoral victory, Hamas is even considering creating an army to do just that. That doesn’t leave much room for negotiation now does it?

The Palestinian people have elected Hamas to represent them. So be it. However, if Hamas wants a seat at the table, they should first take off the C-4 vest, put on a suit and tie and join the civilized world.

Short of that – no deal.

Here endeth the lesson.
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