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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
State Of The Union Live Blog
by Cordeiro
9:01 - ABCNews has reported Cindy Sheehan has been detained by Capitol Police - taken out of the gallery - just prior to the SOTU. Evidently she was attempting to unfurl some sort of banner. Damn. That would have been entertaining.

9:02 - Yes, Jackass Caucus, that's Justice Alito.

9:06 - Still waiting on W.

9:08 - Hail to the Chief.

9:10 - Sheila Jackson Lee (D) - mugging with W in one frame, sprinting to the cameras to slam him in the next. Also - more Botox for Bella Pelosi?

9:13 - Leading vs hiding, isolationism etc. Leadership is the answer.

9:17 - "Radical Islam" - CAIR's undies just wadded into a large bunch.
The robed, turbaned Arab in the gallery was not impressed. Tough, pal. This is our turf.

9:19 - We will never retreat from the world. We will never surrender to Evil.

9:22 - Plan for Victory vs. Plan for Withdrawl (Surrender). Tell me, dear reader, why is it the Jackass side of the aisle sits on their hands when this is spoken of. Do they fear Victory?

"Hindsight is not wisdom. Second guessing is not strategy." Might be the line of the night.

9:26 - Parents and sister of SSgt. Clay, USMC are introduced. Godspeed Sergeant. Thank you.

9:28 - Hamas, are you listening?

9:30 - "Liberty is the right and hope of all humanity."

9:30 - Iran, are you listening?

9:32 - "Superb professionals" in law enforcement, intelligence, and homeland security. They deserve our thanks. You're welcome, sir.

9:33 - PATRIOT ACT - again, silence from the left. Big surprise there.

9:34 - NSA international intercepts - let the whining and seething begin. "We will not sit back and wait to be hit again!" Amen to that. Runner up for line of the night.

9:37 - More jobs created than Japan and EU combined. Stand by for French whining.

9:39 - Make the tax cuts permanent. Cheers from the right, silence from the left. Typical.

9:40 - Cut "poor performing" programs. I love the sound of capitalism.

9:41 - Pass the line-item veto. Most cool.

9:42 - "This year two of my dad's favorite people will enter the baby-boom years. Myself, and President Clinton." Hillary's face nearly cracked.

The costs of entitlments are not going away.

9:46 - Pass Medical Liability Reform this year. Maybe with Breck Girl Edwards out of the Senate this can gain traction.

9:47 - Advance Energy Initiative. Nuclear power is revived. Sierra Club, call your office.

9:49 - Would someone please tell Carl Levin the "Combover" look went out of style a few hundred years ago?

9:52 - "A More Hopeful Nation"

9:55 - Roberts and Alito introduced. Sharp stick to the eye of Scotch Kennedy.

Human life is a gift from our Creator. It should never be discarded, devalued, or put up for sale.

9:58 - Laura, the Personification of Class.

9:59 - We must deal with issues in the Gulf Coast (New Orleans) which were present before the storm hit. Yes, Bubblehead Landrieiu, that means you.

10:01 - Will we turn back, or finish well?

On the whole, a pretty good speech as SOTU addresses go. 51 minutes long. 62 interruptions for applause.

Well stated and delievered, Mr. President. Thank you, and goodnight.

The Jackass Response

From now on, the Governor of the Commonwealth Virginia shall hereafter be known as Tim "The Eyebrow" Kaine.
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