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Friday, January 20, 2006
Washington Post Blog Shuts Down Comments
by Cordeiro
One of the first decisions any blogger must make is whether or not to allow comments to be posted as a response to said bloggers posts. Some bloggers do, some don't. Captain Ed, for example, is one of those high traffic bloggers that includes the option of comments. The Blogfather Hugh does not include comments on his blog.

We here at SOTR have internally debated whether or not to allow comments. We don't get a whole lot of them, so the debate only surfaces when we run into the problem recently faced by the Washington Post's Blog.

The Post is a left leaning media outlet - about that there can be little debate. That said, Post Ombudsman Deborah Howell recently pointed out that the Abramoff Scandal is a bipartisan affair.

For this, she was pilloried by comments attacking her personally for doing what the press is supposed to do - report facts. Evidently, the comments were so viscerally offensive the Post decided to disable the comment feature until further notice. The comments made on Howell's article are typical of the left side of the blogosphere - the prime example of which is the Daily Kos - fully of sound, fury, ad-homonym attacks, and rage which in the end signify less than nothing.

What does it say about a political ideology whose followers - confronted with stubborn facts - can do little else but scream profanities at the messenger?

Here endeth the lesson.
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