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Monday, February 20, 2006
al Qeda's PR Firm covers mock Bush/Blair/Sharon Trial in Cairo
by Cordeiro
Here's one for those of you who believe negotiations with the Islamofascist Murdering Thugs is possible - that if we would all just get together and sing a few verses of Kum By Ya, the world could live in peace and harmony - complete with an ice cold Coca Cola for everyone.

On February 2-5, al Jazzera - a media outlet that should just come out and state for the record that its nothing more than al-Qeda's PR Firm - covered a mock trail of W, Tony Blair, and Ariel Sharon. I emphasize the word "mock" because if you read the translation, those participating were participating in anything but a "mock" trial.

Coverage of this event comes via MEMRI-TV. For video, follow this link. A transcript is also available.

The vitriol, venom, and rage evident at this proceeding makes the Arab Street out to look like little more than a bunch of angry thugs. Where, pray tell, are the moderates? Where are those prepared to reason and negotiate in good faith?

If Hamas lawyer Stanley Cohen is the best guy they can find to articulate their message, perhaps war really is all they understand.
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