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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Big Time's Mea Culpa
by Cordeiro
For those of you living under a rock, in a remote part of Antarctica, or some other remote undisclosed location, the Vice President of the United States, Richard "Big Time" Cheney, shot a fellow hunter over the weekend while hunting quail in south Texas.

The hunter is currently in the ICU of a Corpus Christi hospital and is expected to make as full a recovery as is possible for a 78 year old man.

Big Time took to the airwaves yesterday to give his account of the events of last Saturday. Not surprisingly, he went to Brit Hume at FoxNews. Video available from Ian at Expose the Left.

Even less of a surprise is the reaction of people like Jack "Tin Foil Hat" Cafferty at CNN, who likens the Hume interview to "Bonnie interviewing Clyde". Courage, Jack. In addition to being a conservative news network, Fox also has about three times the viewers of CNN and MSNBC combined. Damn those market forces!

People like David Gregory have their thongs in a tightly wound bunch because the White House Press Corps was not immediately notified of the incident. Evidently they believe their cell number should precede that of first responders so they can immediately put their spin on the incident. You'll forgive me if I go so far as to state the MSM (collectively) seems disappointed in the prognosis for the victim - looks like he's going to live and deprive them of trying to pin a murder rap on Big Time.

Accidents happen. Looks to me like Big Time and his staff did what was best for the man who was shot. Could the press notification have been handled differently? Possibly. I'm pretty sure "press notification" is not part of any first aid kit I've ever opened.

Here endeth the lesson.
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I can't remember the last time the media cared this much about the health and welfare of a rich, Republican attorney.
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