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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
ABCNews' "The Note" - Reporting The News They Wish Was True
by Cordeiro
Sometimes its difficult to separate fantasy from reality. One of the biggest complaints leveled at the Right Side of the Blogosphere by the Punditocracy of the MSM is the claim bloggers inject too much of their own slant into what they write where the MSM claims to "report" the "news" in an unbiased fashion.

Well, today the Political Unit of ABCNews.com decided to report the news they wish was true as a part of their daily summary known as "The Note". Today's issue of The Note rated a front page link from ABCNews.com with the teaser phrase "'The Note': Bush Biting the Tax Hike Bullet?"

Well, that caught my eye, so I followed the link and this is the summary article I found - quoted word for word from the ABCNews.com website:



Dictionary.com defines "shake-up" (even without any adjective such as "major" or "huge") as "A thorough, often drastic reorganization, as of the personnel in a business or government - the act of imposing a new organization; organizing differently (often involving extensive and drastic changes)."

Television coverage of Josh Bolten's planned elevation to the job of White House chief of staff tended to use the phrase "shake-up," while many of the newspaper ledes, editorial writers, and Senator Lott seemed to see less than that. But the fruits of the overnight labor of 750 redeployed Googling monkeys contain these must-read gems:

The New York Times Rick Berke reports "Republican sources close to the White House say Mr. Card's replacement by Mr. Bolten is just the beginning. In the coming days, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld will be fired, and replaced by former Colorado Senator Gary Hart, a Democrat. In addition, Mr. Bush will further reach out to the opposition by replacing his Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael O. Leavitt with California Congressman Henry A. Waxman, a long-time critic." LINK (Cordeiro's note: This link doesn't work)

The Washington Post's Ed Walsh has this: "White House aides say that on Thursday, Bush has invited the congressional leadership of both parties to a Rose Garden event at which he will announce a budget summit to commence on April 1 at the officers club at Andrews Air Force Base at which 'everything will be on the table' to reduce the deficit, according to sources who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak about the announcement. Asked if 'everything' included possible tax increases, one Administration official said, 'Bush gets it now. He knows in his heart that taxes must be raised - it's just a question of how much.'" LINK (Cordeiro's note: This link doesn't work)

Newsday's Susan Page says, "It was at a Georgetown dinner party that Mr. Bush secretly attended last week where he realized that a major shake-up was required. Guests, including the president, stayed up late into the night swapping Capitol Hill gossip and talking about the 2008 presidential campaign and the Sidwell Friends admissions process." LINK (Cordeiro's note: This link doesn't work)

Evans and Novak report, "Knowledgeable Republicans say that Mr. Rove will no longer play a role in policy decisions, but will simply coordinate the president's fall travel schedule on behalf of congressional candidates, primarily in the South, the only region in which Bush retains any of his popularity." LINK (Cordeiro's note: This link doesn't work)

Dana Hill of ABC News writes, "Mr. Bush's new spokesman will be Mike McCurry, who performed the same job for President Clinton and is close to White Houses Communications Director Nicolle Wallace." LINK (Cordeiro's note: This link doesn't work)
This is supposed to be a top line political reference site put together by professional journalists. One broken link I can understand. Two broken links - ok, maybe the webmaster hasn't had enough caffiene yet. But all of the referenced "articles" are missing any attribution.

Could be just me, but didn't a conservative blogger get canned by the Washington Post over a four year old allegation of plagarism? What do you do to somebody who creates wishful thinking articles out of whole cloth? Yes, dear reader, I actually went searching for the referenced articles.

Guess what I found? Not one exists. Not one.

Perhaps ABCNews.com's Political Unit got their April Fools Post published prior to the actual day. Either that, or they're just publishing what they really wish was true.

Then again, the latter is what the MSM usually does on a daily basis
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