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Friday, March 24, 2006
Friday Roundup
by Cordeiro
Reason #17,345 why Helen Thomas doesn't work the Pentagon Beat

Because Rummy would make her look like the decrepit old fool she is. Check Ian for video of the evisceration of some guy named McIntyre.

Howie Fineman - Bush is Jack Bauer

I guess there's worse people to be compared to.

Speaking of Helen Thomas...

She accuses an American Soldier if indiscriminately gunning down an Iraqi civilian. I echo Dean's call for a footnote. When none appears, Helen should be called on her outright fabrication and finally retired to the dustbin of washed up White House correspondents. Of course that would require an archeologist to come and remove the historical monument that is her desk - a task I envy not.

Can I Get That To Go?

The Sage of Conservababes muses about a truly healthy meal involving a bottle of Jack served up with an ice cream covered steak. For me, two out of three ain't bad.
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