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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Gunnery Sergeant John D. Fry, USMC
by Cordeiro
Via Blackfive, a story of yet another American hero who put his fellow Marines and the Iraqi people ahead of his own safety. He was killed by an IED on Wednesday, March 8, 2006.

Gunnery Sergeant Fry was no stranger to IEDs. As an explosive ordinance disposal technician, disarming bombs was something he had done countless times during his tour of duty. He did it for his country. He did it for his Marines. He is credited with saving the lives of several children, including a mentally retarded boy who had been strapped with an explosive vest. Gunnery Sergeant Fry volunteered to disarm the bomb that killed him. He didn't have to do that duty - in fact, he was the last day of his tour.

Go read the account of Gunnery Sergeant Fry's heroism. Then ask yourself why the MSM doesn't report about the heroic acts of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other unreported fronts in the Global War on Terror.

I believe Beth Fry, Gunnery Sergeant Fry's widow says it best:

He was so proud to be there doing what he was doing. Not just the war part . . . but the Marines and all the military people that are there have restored power, built schools, built hospitals, and they have running water. Those are the things that nobody talks about and that nobody hears about.

(The military) wanted to give him the Bronze Star for his injury, and he wouldn't accept it. He said what he was doing was what he was supposed to be doing and what everyone else was doing.

He was a person who knew exactly what he wanted to do and was willing to make the sacrifice to do it. And he realized the cost.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. - John 15:13.

Gunnery Sergeant Fry is survived by his wife Beth and his three children, Kathryn (9), Gideon (7), and C.L. (2).

Godspeed, Gunnery Sergeant Fry.
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