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Friday, March 10, 2006
Hillary's Resume Fudging
by Cordeiro
Most members of the Congressional Jackass Caucus are doing everything they can to avoid any connection with Wal-Mart - a company known in Jackass circles as The Company Who Must Not Be Named. Why? Because the Dreamon.org crowd run by the hard left union thugs consider Wal-Mart to be only slightly less evil than W.

Hillary "We Are The President" Clinton is no exception Wal-Mart must be avoided at all costs.

The only problem is, Hillary can't outrun her past. For those of you with very short memories, Hillary hasn't always called New York home. Prior to assuming the co-presidency of the Clinton (Sorry Excuse For) Administration, she was a resident of the State of Arkansas where she presided as First Lady. In addition to the taxing duties of that office, she also held a seat on Wal-Mart's Board of Directors from 1986-1992.

Yes, dear reader, Hillary actually lived south of the Mason-Dixon line. She held a seat on the board of a company who's sole purpose in this world is to turn a profit. Profit is a very dirty word in the world of the Jackass Caucus. Profit is not to be celebrated. Profit is to be disdained, hated, and attacked on every front.

What are the spoils of Hillary's relationship with Wal-Mart? Let's break it down in Soprano's Lingo:

18 Large for every year she served on the board.
One Large and Five Bills for each meeting she attended.
At least 100 Large in Wal-Mart Stock.

That totals out to 226 large just in cash and cash equivalents to say nothing of the 14 times Wal-Mart's private jet was made to be at her disposal.

Now Hillary seeks to distance herself from The Company Who Must Not Be Named by [drumroll] returning a Wal-Mart campaign contribution of [harder drumroll] 5 Large.

Sorry, Hillary. In for a penny, in for a pound. In for a bill, in for a large.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Hillary has now reported that she was under enemy fire when she left a plane in Bosnia in 1996 with her daughter, a comedian and a band. It is clear to everyone that she greeted children on the tarmac and no one remembers even a sliver of a threat! Haven't we had enough of Clinton lying in the White House? How can she face the mirror in the morning?
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