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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Pelosi's "New" Strategy
by Cordeiro
Stop the presses! The Congressional Jackass Caucus has finally unveiled their 2006 Victory Strategy.

House Minority Leader Nancy "Bella" Pelosi took time out from her busy Botox schedule to give a draft version of the strategy in a speech to the Communication Workers of America. The CWA Union Thugs were evidently coached not to laugh.

Here is a summary of Pelosi's strategy:

Would someone please tell me where the new ideas are in this strategy?

I only see the same dead horse issues the Jackasses have been beating for decades - full of promise, but empty of substance and void of anything remotely resembling a source of funding.

Nancy's audience was a bunch of unionized workers who have been fed the democratic party line since birth. If this is the long delayed Congressional Jackass Strategy, it proves the strategists of the DNC are still grasping at long failed straws.

Here endeth the lesson.
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"Thousands of entry-level jobs" would be lost? Why worry about those, since our economy is apparently suffering such a labor "shortage" that we require 12 million illegal aliens to perform them?
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