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Monday, March 27, 2006
Red Speck on a Blue Paper
by Cordeiro
I've watched with some interest the kerfluffle surrounding the hiring, firing, and short lived tenure of Ben Domenech at the Washington Post. Domenech is a co-founder of the RedState blog. I don't follow that particular blog, so I can't comment on Domenech's writing.

As far as I can tell, Domenech lifted (that's a nice way to say plagarized) some content for a movie review he wrote several years ago. The left side of the Blogosphere somehow got a hold of this published work - there may be other instances, but like I said, I'm not following the whole story - and laid siege to the Washington Post and subsequently demanded Domenech be kicked to the curb.

Domenech has since resigned - but that doesn't make the curb taste any better.

In addition to the cheap shots taken by the Left-Winged Moonbat Blog Caucus, there were several Right Winged Blogs that decided to pile on. Why? Hell if I know. Maybe they just wanted to look like they were balanced.

Two observations on this matter. First, it is very telling that a MSM outlet such as the Washington Post had to make such a big deal about hiring a conservative blogger for their staff. Second, the unhinged attack by the left (and some of the right) blogs for the existence of the Red America Blog is very telling. The fact that left winged liberals consider the Washington Post to be home territory in need of defending says more about their ideology than I care to write. Joe Biden has yet to comment on this issue. Anything he would say, however, would have to be independently verified as original.

So, now there is a lack of a conservative blogger at the Washington Post. There's a surprise. Well, nature abhors a vacuum, so let me suggest a person to fill the void. Me. Yes, Red and Blue Post readers, I'm humbly (well, not so humbly) submitting my services to the Washington Post. I have no plagaristic skeletons in my closet. All of my academic work was performed in the pre-digital age, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Be warned, however. I don't work cheap and I'm very unapologetic about what I write.

While I may wait for the Post's offer, I'm not holding my breath.

Here endeth the lesson.
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