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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Ruth Marcus - Manliness Is To Blame!
by Cordeiro
Restraint, introspection, a desire for consensus, maybe even a touch of self-doubt.
At first glance, dear reader, what is the first word that comes to your mind after reading that list of "qualities"?

My guess, and I'm going to be brash and say I know I'm right, is leadership does not even make your top five. Don't tell that to Washington Post Editorial Board Member Ruth Marcus - she's boiled down the cause of the W Administration's problems (and no doubt the problems of the world in general) to one single trait:

Manliness. Machismo. Testosterone.

You see, according to Ms. Marcus, if guys would just capitulate and ask for directions, the world would be a better place.

Side note: I have never been lost. There have been a few times when I took a creative route to my destination. End of digression.

Marcus believes in the Clintonian model of endless debate, introspection, poll driven strategy, and overwhelming reluctance to do anything which could be remotely construed as manly. No, Oval Office cigar play does not count as a manly endeavor.

Consensus, Ms. Marcus, is the absence of leadership. Leadership requires a person to make tough and often unpopular decisions based on the information available at the time. Leadership, especially in time of war, does not allow for self-doubt or introspection. Those activities are best left to historians and others with little else to do, such as members of the Washington Post Editorial Board. Confidence, something so foreign to the left side of the political spectrum it is often referred to as "Swagger", is a fundamental trait of successful leaders.

Left wing pundits often decry the W Administration as a bunch of John Wayne-esque cowboys who pay scant if any attention to the unending political counsel emanating from the media, academics, and overpaid talking heads. Given the choice between a strategy based on "restraint, introspection, a desire for consensus, maybe even a touch of self-doubt", I'll take John Wayne every time.

You know what? The American people did just that in November 2004.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Amen! I got to listen to a lot of Rush's show today and he's devoted the majority of it to this "Manly" discussion.

I like your line "consensus is the ABSENSE of leadership". yeah.


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