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Friday, April 14, 2006
Bienvenidos: Hijos de la Repùblica
by Bonjo

You might notice a new look and feel to the SOTR website template. A number of factors have motivated our recent changes.

According to many in political spheres, our country is losing workers and losing population. In order to sustain growth, we must allow our neighbors to the south to enter our great nation.

Indeed, to increase SOTR readership we, too, must reach out. Thus SOTR is introducing HdlR: Hijos de la Repùblica! In order to sustain our readership growth, we must expand our readership base by reaching out to our immigrant neighbors.

What more, once someone has illegally entered the country, has a good job, a home, a computer, and Internet connectivity, we feel they will feel quite welcome here on SOTR. Just to make things fair, anyone of Mexican descent who wishes to comment will not be subject to the normal HdlR comment policies.

We would like to thank those who willingly offered their assistance to be the "face" of HdlR; Mexico President Vicente Fox, actor Ricardo Montalban, and... uhh, sorry, I didn't catch his name, but he's working for cash. I highly recommend his services.

Coming soon: hdlr.com.mx!

Ahora, vuelvo al mi capitalismo.
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Do me a favor??

Fix the link to my site in the SOTR blog roll??

That way, when you're over-run with wetbacks, they can come to my site and I can insult them...OK??

Much ass grassy asses signore...

Ace in the Hole
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